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As an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage, we can never represent a seller, so our only priority is getting our clients the greatest value for their homes. Some of the benefits of using an Exclusive Buyer Agent are:

  • We never work for a seller or builder against our home buyer.
  • We don’t try to sell our clients any particular home.
  • We can show our buyers more choices than the average agent has access to.
  • We point out property weaknesses (not just strengths).
  • We review and interpret comparable real estate values in a manner that favors the home-buyer.
  • We assist in evaluating the most favorable financing.
  • We confirm needed repairs have been completed.
  • We conduct a final walk-through inspection of the property.
  • We keep everything you tell us absolutely confidential.
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Malcolm Antell, Broker/President, Accredited Buyer Representative (CEBA, ABR, ABRM)
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