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Exclusive Buyer Agency Faqs

1. What is an “Exclusive Buyer Agent” (EBA)?

As Exclusive Buyer Agents, we specialize in working exclusively for our homebuyers every step of the way, from initial counseling to move-in:

  • The initial buyer information and counseling session (including advising on mortgage pre-qualification and pre-approval options), where we will not only explain what we can do for you, we will interview you to learn what your needs and interests are,
  • Helping search, screen and find the right property,
  • giving an unbiased assessment of the pros and cons of any property our buyer is interested in purchasing,
  • Giving buyer-advantaged yet realistic advice on the home you select, before you make an offer,
  • Helping you structure your offer to enable you to achieve the most favorable terms and conditions,
  • Coordinating the numerous details following an offer's acceptance including mortgage and insurance, choice of a reputable home inspector, property inspections, and any re-negotiations,
  • Assisting in the walkthrough inspection and the closing on our buyer's new home,
  • Coordinating and overseeing everything necessary through settlement,

2. How much of a difference does it really make to go Exclusive?

Studies have shown that by using an Exclusive Buyer Agent, buyers will be able to view more houses. Since EBAs do not take listings, they are not biased in steering clients towards the listings that they need to sell. By going exclusive, you can see any house you want, including properties being sold directly by owners or bank-owned properties.

Additionally, our company has also developed a specialized private market program that allows our clients to see homes that they are interested in, even when they are not currently on the market.

Buyers represented by an Exclusive Buyers Agent will pay an average of 5.5-8% less for their homes. That’s because buyer-brokers are not only skilled advocates who negotiate on their clients’ behalf, they can also provide a purchaser with financial and personal information about the seller, giving the buyer potential negotiating leverage.

3. Does it cost extra money to use an EBA?

No. Agents’ fees, are paid by the seller, whether there is an agent exclusively for the buyer, or just a traditional agent.

4. What does the process involve?

The process begins with a no-obligation, informative consultation, in which we get acquainted with all of our client’s needs. After this, we design a plan individually catered to your needs.

Once you have agreed to become a client, we search for houses that meet your criteria and present you with options. When a house has been selected, we investigate and inform you of all relevant concerns and issues, and we advocate for your needs and negotiate the best possible price.

5. So… how do I get started?

Either call us (215) 545-4000 or contact us.


Malcolm Antell, Broker/President, Accredited Buyer Representative (CEBA, ABR, ABRM)
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